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Hello All,

Can anyone please clarify me that Why a WiFi network with WPA2PSK TKIP+AES encryption is detected as AES by Windows OS?

If anyone has ant idea then please post.
[Links to any Microsoft website or any trustworthy website is preferred]

Thank you,
ledtech3 15-Dec-12 13:22pm    
I keep looking at this question,But I was wondering what you were using that reported it as "AES"?
Knowing What you used to get the information may help as to why it reports that way.
Akinmade Bond 27-Dec-12 5:52am    
I've noticed that with Connectify as well, would provide some links as soon as I find one.

1 solution

WPA Mode (Older version) uses TKIP cipher, this is much suitable for compatibility with older devices.

WPA2 Mode (Newer version) uses AES cipher (it also supports TKIP for compatibility), AES means better wireless performance over TKIP. but only newer devices supports it.

So when windows connects to your wireless device which is setup as WPA2 - AES/TKIP. it will prefer more performance over compatibility since your windows device supports AES.

Note: if you are not sure, just leave it, as it is.

If you have all the devices that supports WPA2 - AES, then you should select 'AES Only' in your router for much better wifi performance. (same with the Wifi b/g/n - Select only Wifi N). But first make sure.
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