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My Root admin have blocked many sites and applications like facebook,u torrent
how can i overcome this type of thing?

As Toolsmith suggested, what you are asking is against work ethics. If your employer do not want you to waste time on facebook and utorrent, then you should not.

If you do not have anything productive to do on the job, then it's time to find another one.

And if you want internet for your personal emails, you should buy a 3G dongle by yourself.

Sorry for the rude reply, but this was a careless question.
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It all depends on how these sites were blocked.
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I'm actually having some difficulty understanding why you would ask a question like this.

Perhaps you don't realize it, but you're requesting information in how to hack your corporate network (I assume it's a corporate network) in order to circumvent security safeguards.

In a nutshell, if your administrator has done their job properly, there's no way for you to circumvent it without the access being blocked and/or logged.

If I were your administrator and found that you had posted this question *anywhere*, I would seek disciplinary action at the least, and termination of your employment at the most since posting this question indicates your intention to violate corporate policy and misuse your internet access.

Keep in mind that, no matter what country you're working in, your employer is not required to permit you access to the internet. When they do, they expect you to be a professional and use it to augment your work.
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Thomas Daniels 29-Mar-13 7:06am    
Good answer, +5!

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