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Many of my customers often ask me which environment is better for web sites and web applications: PHP with MYSQL, or ASP.NET with MS SQL.
Which environment is better?

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That question has no answer - it's like asking which is better: a hammer or a screwdriver.

I personally find ASP.NET and C# way WAY better because of the development tools and the language itself. However, I know people who prefer PHP and MySQL because it's free and because it's easy enough to find devs who know the tools.

However, we're moving away from MS-SQL and to either MariaDB or PostgreSQL with Redis as a caching layer. Parts of our infrastructure are written in Ruby on Rails, node.js and the front end is developed using HAML, .less and CoffeeScript.

Why stick to one stack? Use the best tools for the job.
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Michael_Haephrati 8-Oct-13 16:36pm    
I agree. The purpose of such question is to list the pros and the cons about each of them. Even though the question has no answer, in real life, people have to chose which platform to use.

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