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Hey , thanks for clicking this , I was wondering how to "minus" a value in Visual Basic? I know you can do "+ 100" but I try "- 100" and it doesn't work , is there ANY way to minus a value in Visual Basic? :)

This is Not the right place to ask these questions, use Code Project.

But since I'm here.
If you are talking about 200 - 100 = 100 then

  1  Dim Num1 as Integer = 200
  2  Dim Num2 as Integer = 100
  4  Dim Result as Integer
  6  Result = Num1 - Num2
  8  ' output result to where ever you want.
  9  'Such as 
 11  TextBox1.Text = Result
ledtech3 12-Sep-16 20:15pm
@chris-maunder What was updated ?
Chris Maunder 13-Sep-16 15:50pm
Just wrapped the code block in PRE tags to colourise it. (I'm sneakily using it to test some new content formatting code we have ;))
ledtech3 13-Sep-16 23:28pm
Ok thanks it has been here for so long I forgot what it looked like.
Well you could simply multiply it by -1.

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