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Windows 8 Quick Tips and Shortcuts

Get to old desktop style: Win + D or Esc or Alt + Esc I am sure there are others

Quick shutdow or restart: Win + D then Ctrl+Alt +F4

  • Access to some of admin tasks
  • Win + X
  • Access to Programs and Features
  • Power Options
  • Event Viewer
  • Device Manager
  • Control Panel
  • Task manager
  • Command Prompt
  • Elevated Command Prompt
  • Search
  • etc...

Access list of installed programs similar to the old Start Menu but in the Windows 8 UI format: Windows + Q

Open Task Manager: Ctrl+Shift+Esc

Dock a Fullscreen Windows Store App: This only works on a single monitor or the monitor furthest to the right if you have multiple displays. Drag or swipe the app to the right edge of the screen and let go. It will then dock it on the right. Useful for the stock messaging app if you haven't switched over to Skype yet.

Run as Administrator: Not all apps can be run as administrator from the Windows 8 UI, but if it can you can right click on it and you will get a "run as admin" button on the bottom of the screen.

For example, the metro version of IE won't show this option, however you can still run IE as admin by right clicking on it from the desktop.

Lock your screen: Win+L

Open Run Dialogue: Win+R

Open Windows Explorer: Win+E

If you have found any others that you find useful, add it to the comments and I'll attribute it to you and add it into this article.

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