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Sharepoint Site Install and Configuration Scripts

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25 Nov 2011CPOL
I have included some scripts my co-worker Oleg Petrychenko gave me to install Sharepoint 2007 from scratch


These files make the very difficult and time consuming Sharepoint 2007 install on a new server easy and automagical.


I have used these at least once on a development server. I make no guarantees as to warranty at all, use at your own risk, but they worked OK for me. It simplifies the total install process infinitely.

Disclaimer - Hope this helps, if it doesn't, don't bother to harass me about it. You get what you pay for and you got this for free. If this worked for you, vote me a 5!

Using the Code

To use the MOSS 2007 install scripts, you first have to run them as the farm administrator account. Download the zip file and de-compress on the server you wish to install Sharepoint on. Follow these steps to use the scripts.

  1. Make sure you have installed the enterprise edition of Sharepoint, binaries only, don't run the configuration wizard to create a new Sharepoint site.
  2. Open a command prompt: hit start button/Programs/accessories/command Prompt.
  3. Cd to the directory the scripts are located in.
  4. Edit the SetInputs.cmd file and change these values:
    • DBServer=[server on which the database will reside for Sharepoint]
    • FarmAcct=[Farm Administrator NT user name]
    • FarmAcctPWD=[Farm Administrator Password]
    • FarmAcctEmail=[Farm Administrator email]
    • WSSSearchAcct=[Farm Administrator NT user name]
    • WSSSearchAcctPWD=[Farm Administrator Password]
    • SearchAccessAcct=[Farm Administrator NT user name]
    • SearchAccessAcctPWD=[Farm Administrator Password]
    • MOSSSearchAcct=[Farm aDministrator NT user name]
    • MOSSSearchAcctPWD=[Farm Administrator Password]
    • SSPAppPoolAcct=[Farm aDministrator NT user name]
    • SSPAppPoolAcctPWD=[Farm Administrator Password]
    • MySitesAppPoolAcct=[Farm aDministrator NT user name]
    • MySitesAppPoolAcctPWD=[Farm Administrator Password]
    • PortalAppPoolAcct=[Farm aDministrator NT user name]
    • PortalAppPoolAcctPWD=[Farm Administrator Password]
    • MOSSPath=C:\ [You can change this if the default install is not on c: drive]
  6. Make sure after the install or any install you run the psconfig utility, I included a script for that too... Run after every install or Update.bat.

Points of Interest

Man, this saves a lot of time! Try them and let me know how they work for you! Thanks Oleg! Hope this helps, if it doesn't, don't bother to harass me about it, you get what you pay for and you got this for free.


This article, along with any associated source code and files, is licensed under The Code Project Open License (CPOL)


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Posted 25 Nov 2011