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10-Sep-13 15:00pm by Michael Haephrati (new) 
How Target Eye's Auto updating mechanism allows a silent update of an application from identifying newer versions, downloading them and running them instead of the old one
30-Mar-15 15:30pm by ProgramFOX (new) 
This blog describes how to use Batch files to add to your PATH if you have two executables with the same name you'd like to access without having to type the full path.
6-May-14 17:32pm by ledtech3 (new) 
Or, Why is the event log maxing out the log with useless user information. Anyone that has the Catalyst Control Center may have noticed the Ace Event Log. Mine seems to stay full of errors and if you clear the … Continue reading →
4-Mar-14 9:54am by Marco Bertschi (new) 
Short and easy description on how you get your own, private Git server running on your Raspberry Pi
10-Dec-13 13:36pm by ledtech3 (updated) 
Rootkits have become the most devious method of hiding malware on a system. They are being employed to every sector from the home user to government to private industry.The monetary and information losses along with infrastructure disruption will continue to … Continue reading →
4-Oct-13 15:40pm by Michael Haephrati (new) 
An example of a small and easy to implement monitoring application
4-Oct-13 15:39pm by Michael Haephrati (new) 
Why the creation of a cover story a mandatory part of any covert monitoring product and how Target Eye handled it
13-Sep-13 14:26pm by Michael Haephrati (updated) 
Michael Haephrati explains how keyboard capturing should be done
13-Sep-13 14:02pm by Alex Marbus (updated) 
Ethernet connections
13-Sep-13 12:33pm by Michael Haephrati (new) 
Michael Haephrati describes the Shopping List and how it is used
13-Sep-13 9:24am by Michael Haephrati (new) 
Michael Haephrati describes how a hardware copy protection dongle was developed.

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by nhgiang
Using network classes.
by Vidhya Rao
This article discuss about functoids that help with Mapping in BizTalk...
by rob tillaart
A line printer daemon in C#
by Joseph M. Newcomer
A discussion on the working size of your executable, and why you...
by Junaid Raza
This code snippet can be used to download all the versions (if exists)...

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by Roger Wright
At work we have a local network with 15 or so PCs and a couple of network printers connected to a 24 port switch, thence connected to the outside world via a SonicWall firewall. Since the SonicWall includes several VPN licenses, and I often travel, I thought it would be a snap to construct a...
by ledtech3
I'm thinking about a project for a set of remote temp sensors for where my dog sleeps in the garrage under my workbench.The outside temps here can range from near -10 to +115 give or take.My electronic project skills are kind of limited but would like to see how I may do this.It...
by Michael Haephrati
What are the advantages of binary search trees over hash tables?
by Michael Haephrati
I would like to add a function to a static library which will get the full path of this library. Is that possible. There are ways to do that when it comes to a DLL, but I couldn't find out a solution for finding the path of a static library at runtime.
by Michael Haephrati
Many of my customers often ask me which environment is better for web sites and web applications: PHP with MYSQL, or ASP.NET with MS SQL. Which environment is better?

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by Michael Haephrati  5.00/5 (2 votes)
An example of a small and easy to implement monitoring application
by Michael Haephrati  5.00/5 (2 votes)
Why the creation of a cover story a mandatory part of any covert monitoring product and how Target Eye handled it

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