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Using PDFs to Manage and Share Content

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The Portable Document Format (PDF) is ideal for sharing information and delivering content. PDFs can get quite large, making them difficult to manage. PDF optimization helps reduce file sizes while maintaining the fidelity of the original document to achieve the optimal balance between document quality and size. Download this whitepaper to find out more about the best ways to optimize your PDF documents.

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Building Reactive Apps

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The term “reactive” is the perfect descriptor for the type of experience that mobile users have come to expect. Reactive applications feel snappy and “alive,” always ready to react to user commands, always ready to handle data—regardless of network availability. In this white paper, we explore the concept of reactive apps and the crucial role of data in the reactive user experience. You'll learn about: •Challenges with developing a reactive app •Characteristics of a reactive architecture •Reactive app use cases

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Public, Private, and Hybrid Cloud: What's the difference?

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Trying to understand the cloud hosting landscape can be a nightmare. The internet is full of blog posts, whitepapers, eBooks, and marketing sites about cloud tools and services. This makes it hard to figure out where to begin. As an enterprise software developer or development manager, understanding the environment your applications will be deployed in is critical, because it can impact everything from the tools and libraries you use to your application’s architecture. To help cut through the noise, we’ll start at a high level and examine three major categories of cloud services: public, private, and hybrid. We’ll look at what each one is, what the differences are, and how they vary from the perspective of application development and deployment.

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The Offine-First Approach to Mobile App Development

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Building offline-first mobile apps isn't easy. Caching is fast and efficient, but only allows data to flow one way: from the server to the device. Manual replication gives users read/write capability, but at the cost of introducing possible conflicts, multiple failure points, and a need for a robust network pipeline. And building solutions with either approach from the ground up requires engineering resources, expertise, and budgets that are better spent elsewhere. This white paper discusses common methods for developing offline-first apps. For advice on how to succeed in developing your offline-first app, download it today.

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