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by on article "How the AmigaHASP was born"
by on article "How the AmigaHASP was born"
13 Sep 2013
Michael Haephrati describes how a hardware copy protection dongle was developed.
1 Mar 2012
Swapping out a standard HDD for a Hybrid HDD in my ageing Acer 6935
9 Apr 2012
Andrey Karpov
The article briefly describes AMD64 architecture by AMD Company and its implementation EM64T by Intel Company. The architecture's peculiarities, advantages and disadvantages are described.
10 Apr 2012
Architecture for scalable arrays of PIC processors; each processor is responsible for all aspects of control in a single dimension, using a PID algorithm.
21 Nov 2011
Describes one effort to run performance monitor to identify what's wrong with a counter log, then set up an event trace to see who the culprit is.
25 Nov 2011
Omar Al Zabir
CPUAlert monitors CPU and Memory consumption of processes and alerts you when they are taking too much consistently and gives you an option to recycle or terminate