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BizTalk Oracle Adapter Installation

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12 Apr 2012CPOL 4.7K  
Installation of BizTalk Oracle Adapter

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Screenshot - oracleadapter.jpg
Friday, August 24, 2007


As you know, Microsoft BizTalk Server 2006 enables you to connect diverse software, then graphically create and modify process logic that uses that software. BizTalk Server also enables information workers to monitor running processes, interact with trading partners, and perform other business-oriented tasks. To install the Microsoft BizTalk Adapters for Enterprise Applications, click here at the Related Resources label, click on Download the Microsoft BizTalk Adapters for Enterprise Applications. If the link is replaced by Microsoft, then click here and search for BizTalk Adapter Pack 2.0. Most of the adapters need some tricky things to do. One of them I am explaining is Oracle adapter (the most tricky one) installing the software from the site.

The prerequisites are requirements for BizTalk Adapter for Oracle Database Microsoft BizTalk Adapter for Oracle Database uses databases registered through the ODBC Data Source Administrator.

The adapter runs on the following operating systems:

  • Windows 2000
  • Windows XP
  • Windows Server 2003

BizTalk Adapter for Oracle Database was tested against the following versions:

  • Oracle Application, Version 11.5.7

You must have an Oracle client installed to use BizTalk Adapter for Oracle Database. The Oracle client installation includes the Oracle ODBC driver, which must be updated to Oracle ODBC driver after you install the client. You install Oracle client from this site, after this you need to Upgrade the Oracle Driver. After you download and open the self-extracting archive file, ORA92054.exe, check it on this page.

Get Oracle ORA92054.exe:

  1. Oracle Universal Installer
  2. Oracle Data Provider for .NET (
  3. Oracle Client (
  4. Oracle ODBC Driver (
  5. Oracle Provider for OLE DB (
  6. Oracle Objects for OLE (
  7. Oracle Services for Microsoft Transaction Server (

It contains all drivers but only d) Oracle ODBC Driver ( is required. Then follow (this is most important step). Extract and open "C:\Program Files\Oracle\oui\install\setup.exe" and follow the same as given in the image:

Screenshot - oracle92054.jpg

Verify this that you have Oracle 9.02.0054 version driver installed:

Screenshot - oracle920541.jpg

If you have Oracle 10g client, then this step is not necessary. You already have upgraded odbc driver Next to set the ODBC connection to the database, in Control Panel, open Administrator Tools. Click [ODBC] Data Sources. Click the System DSN tab, and then click Add. A list of data sources appears. Select Oracle in OraHome92, and then click Finish. Make sure you have valid tsnnames.ora and sqlnet.ora files and you can login into Oracle from sqlplus. You should have your sqlnet.ora and tnsnames.ora handy. sqlnet.ora should have this line NAMES.DEFAULT_DOMAIN = your domain name.

Screenshot - oracle920542.jpg

Next follow the image, go to administrative tools and click odbc source check and test for connection. The test connection Successful says it's done.

Now for the biztalk side:

Go to biztalk administrative console, see the adapters, right click and make a new adapter as given in JPEG. Similarly do for Oracle Ebusiness Adapter:

Screenshot - oracleregistration.jpg

Last step:

Screenshot - oracleebussiness.jpg

You have created sucessful receive port and generating schema from biztalk project. See the images for configuration. C:\oracle\ora92 is the path of Oracle installation. It may differ. The idea is that under this folder, the bin folder should exist. Rest write the system dns name under service name and not tns name.

Screenshot - oraclerecport.jpg

Open a biztalk project:

Screenshot - oraclesendport.jpg

Screenshot - oraclegenerateschema.jpg

Screenshot - oracledb.jpg

Select the database and it signifies you are connected to Oracle with biztalk as you can see the tables and procedures there.

Happy programming!


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