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SysAdmin Questions FAQ

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9 Apr 2012CPOL
This is an FAQ for RootAdmin SysAdmin Questions. It can be modified by any Silver member.

Table of Contents

  1. What is the Questions and Answers system?

    It's a simple system that allows you to ask questions and receive answers. It's very similar to our current message boards but it has been tuned specifically to make it easier to spot the best answer to a given question, and to allow you to search and browse for answers to questions.

  2. What are the rules to posting?

    A few simple rules when posting your question.

    1. Have you searched or Googled for a solution?
    2. Be specific! Don't ask "I need to write a booking application". Specify exactly what it is you need help with.
    3. Keep the subject brief but descriptive. eg "How do I change the dialog colour?"
    4. Keep the question as concise as possible. If you have to include code, include the smallest snippet of code you can - do not dump your entire codebase.
    5. Tag your question appropriately.
    6. Your question may be edited or retagged by others. Anything inappropriate will be removed.
    7. If you have a school or university assignment, assume that your teacher or lecturer is also reading these forums.
    8. Be courteous and DON'T SHOUT. Everyone here helps because they enjoy helping others, not because it's their job.
    9. Do not remove or empty a message if others have replied. Keep the thread intact and available for others to search and read.
    10. Do not be abusive, offensive, inappropriate, harass anyone on the boards or post ads or spam. Doing so will get you kicked off and banned. Play nice.

  3. How do I use this thing?

    First, select "SysAdmin questions" from the dropdown menu at the top of the site.

    Image 1

    Next, enter your question or "subject." Make sure to that your subject is between 20 and 250 characters, and between 3 and 50 words.

    Image 2

    When you have written your article in another program and wish to paste it into the message form there are a few options you have of how your text is treated. Below is a description of each possible choice and a visual display of what it looks like pasted in the wizard, as well as what you will see in the auto-display window when you paste.

    1. Strip HTML: HTML markup will be removed from the text.
    2. Image 3

    3. Encode HTML: Paste text will be automatically HTML encoded.
    4. Image 4

    5. Paste as-is: Clipboard will be pasted as-is, preserving HTML tags and entities.
    6. Image 5

    7. Code block: Clipboard text will be wrapped in PRE tags and content HTML encoded, always.
    8. Image 6

    9. Quoted Text: Clipboard text will be pasted within a quote block.
    10. Image 7

    11. Best guess: Sniff pasted text to see if it contains code and wrap in PRE blocks if it does.
    12. Image 8

    When you have finished your question, hit "Post Message"


This article, along with any associated source code and files, is licensed under The Code Project Open License (CPOL)


About the Author

Sean Ewington
Technical Writer CodeProject
Canada Canada
Sean Ewington is the Content Manager for CodeProject.

His background in programming is primarily C++ and HTML, but has experience in other, "unsavoury" languages.

He loves movies, and likes to say inconceivable often, even if it does not mean what he thinks it means.

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